Cooperation with Gispen and Mecanoo for the learning environment of the future


Gispen and Mecanoo are entering a partnership to actively contribute to a higher level of education for everyone. The two leading companies put together their expertise to make the improvement of education possible and accessible for everyone. A pilot environment will be launched already this year, where new concepts are tested and developed further.

As part of this collaboration, SILO advises on positioning, branding, and communication, and will be developing products over the coming years to support and promote this innovative project. A platform will be launched later this year, allowing everyone to follow the developments closely and to contribute to reflecting on further development and applications of the learning environment of the future.

Paul Ketelaars, partner/architect at Mecanoo: “With this collaboration, we expand, for example, our knowledge of learning environments where several activities can take place at the same time without allowing these spaces to become generic. Diversity, personalization, and the specific objective of the various activities are central. Learning environments where creativity, innovation, and identity get all the space they need, and where students and teachers can exchange ideas and inspiration, provide the basis for life-long learning.”

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