Blendle chooses to collaborate with SILO


Blendle is the digital journalism platform where you can browse through newspapers and magazines without a subscription. You follow friends, colleagues, and VIPs. And you always pay only for what you read!

Blendle was launched in April 2014 by Alexander Klöpping and Marten Blankesteijn. The New York Times and Alex Springer are investors, among others. Approximately one year later, Blendle is approaching 300,000 subscribers. Recently, they started expanding towards Germany, with thirty newspaper and magazine titles. The United States will follow shortly.

Blendle invited three agencies to provide their vision of the brand’s future. The agency pitch was won by SILO.

SILO will advise Blendle on brand and communication strategy, including the development of visual identity, icons, tone of voice, and sub-label methodology.

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