SILO develops brand identity for Zaans Medical Center

SILO is to develop a new brand identity for Zaans Medical Center.

The ZMC is a regional hospital, and will accommodate a new building designed by Mecanoo Architects at the end of 2016.

A hospital forms part of the community. For the new building there is a lot of thought about what it means for people to spend their time in a hospital. The patient – young or old, the visitor, nurse and physician; they all provide a physical and emotional effort. The new ZMC provides an environment in which patients do not feel removed from society, but at home and at ease. The new brand identity will be fully consistent to these values.

For the new premises SILO is already working with the ZMC and Mecanoo on projects such as the interior identity and wayfinding and signage. The development of the corporate identity is a logical extension and will increase the quality of experiences and customer engagement.

The new ZMC comprises an area of approximately 39.000m2.

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