University Museum Utrecht selects SILO for brand innovation

The University Museum manages and provides access to the academic heritage of Utrecht University and makes the importance of science visible. In the vernacular also known as the museum with the ‘garden’; the ‘Oude Hortus’. The museum and garden are both embedded in the Utrecht University area in the old city center, each with their own target audience.

With a number of 74,000 visitors in 2015, the UMU is a known museum in the Utrecht region and forms the link between scientific research from the University of Utrecht and visitors to the museum. The museum may be seen as the treasurer of the Utrecht academic heritage.

The limited capacity of the current facilities are not suited to the growing number of visitors. The museum is thus at the dawn of an ambitious renewal. The museum will change to a more open, durable and flexible structure whereby audiences will get actively involved as a researcher with scientific research. The building, exhibitions and experiences are being expanded and updated by a team of architects, exhibition designers and brand specialists.

SILO teams up with UMU for development of brand strategy, identity and communication strategy for the new museum. The (re) opening will take place in 2018.

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