Spatial design: Priority boarding for cycling train travellers

The Netherlands is a country of cyclists; in fact it has more bicycles than people. The large quantity of bike riders also has some downsides. Train travellers arriving by bike sometimes meet a true wall of bicycles parked in front of the station. One could literally stumble over all bikes parked there when aiming to catch a last minute train. In some cities like Amsterdam, authorities argue that parking cars is a payed service, why not also bikes?

In lieu of charging bike riders, the Municipality of The Hague opts for a service-oriented solution for it’s bicycle parking problem. Under the Koningin Juliana Plein (acces to The Hague Central Station) they will build one of the largest bicycle parking garages in the Netherlands. The developers of DVP and StudioMarsman team up with Silo to combine their knowledge of design and technology in order to create a user focussed end result: An underground bicycle parking where cyclists, in one smooth manoeuvre, go from street, to parking to train platform.

Verbinding fietsparkeergarage met treinstation (beeld: DVP)

Direct connection between bike and train
With a size of 8.100 m2 and place for at least 8,500 bicycles, this is will be one of the largest bike parkings of the Netherlands. In The Netherlands, train and bike are inextricably linked. An average of 40% of travellers cycle to their designated train station. At some stations, this is even 70%. This underground garage will even have a direct connection to the train station. This makes it increasingly easier for travellers to park their bikes and get from their bikes to the trains.  They will probably even save time. You could call it priority boarding for train travellers who arrive by bike.

Silo involvement
On this assignment, SILO is working with development management firm DVP and architectural firm Studio Marsman. Our combined goal is to deliver a pleasant and safe environment for thousands of travellers who will use the parking on a daily basis. We aim to achieve this by creating design solutions which will provide spacial effect, making the parking garage seem bigger than it’s actual size. Furthermore, we will provide wayfinding elements that will ensure an intuïtive guidance of travellers through the garage. Former spatial projects, among other include wayfinding and identity for Fontys R3 and the new hospital Zaans Medisch Centrum.


Entreegebied fietsparkeergarage Rijnstraat (beeld: DVP)

This project will be completed in 2018. Together with two residential towers, commercial spaces and a lively square that will be built simultaneously, there will be a stylish city entrance that will serve as grande entree for the city of The Hague.

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Entree stallingdeel (beeld: DVP)

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