Fitterdam: bottom up initiative to promote sports as social medium

At SILO, we celebrate bottom up initiatives. Certainly when they are set up by our own employees. In this case, our designer Sjoerd Koopmans came up with the idea for Fitterdam, an idea which he came up with together with his friend Denise van Wijk. Fitterdam is a citizens initiative that wants to use sports as a social binder.

The initiative began in Rotterdam, because Sjoerd and Denise live there, but it could be set up in other cities as well. They find that Rotterdam is on a huge cultural, culinary, architectural and entertainment uplift. However, in the field of sports there is still a lot to be done. “We have the ambition to overcome ethnical differences: young, old, experienced, inexperienced, rich, poor, fat and thin, just get together and do sports!” says initiator Sjoerd Koopmans. “A multicultural society like Rotterdam demands a diverse and affordable offering of sports option,” he continues, “putting solid outdoor sports in public spaces where can meet and do their program or parcour seem to be a good step forward.”

Recently, The Hague student in Communication & Multimedia Design, Ananta Mulyono, has joined Fitterdam. He is currently working at SILO for his graduation research, investigating whether we can add digital resources to Fitterdam to further help the project. In the coming period, research will be done regarding residents of Rotterdam’s neighborhoods to see what the needs and performances are when it comes to sports and social interactions through sports.

Ananta: “We want to investigate whether we can strengthen the community feeling with a Fitterdam app. Sport is not just about health but is also a social binder.”


Ananta is conducting a survey among Rotterdammers, interviewing district residents and testing various iterations of the app by using mock ups. “The local aspect is very important in this project. We are now looking for contact with all Rotterdammers who are able to do sports. We want to know first which people use their smartphone during, before or after sports, and how people already sport get in touch through sports”, says Ananta.



Are you a Rotterdam resident and would you like to help us with this research? You can! First of all, fill in this questionnaire! In addition, we are open to other forms of cooperation. Are you excited about this project and think you can contribute? Send an email to

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