SILO expands: meet our new team members

Over the past few weeks, the SILO team has been expanded with no less than three new members. We welcomed Sietse, Tim and Ananta in our midst. Time for a short introduction.

Sietse Veenman, Front-end developer

Sietse graduated from the Minerva Academy in Groningen and then gained experience as designer as well as developer. He did so both freelance and employed at De Jongens Ronner. Both professionally and privately, Sietse is said to be versatile. In any case, he is a man of many talents. Besides being a designer, developer and photographer, he is also a skilled dare devil on skateboard and even used to be a skateboard teacher.

Tim Jozee, Digital Project Manager

Tim will strengthen SILO as Digital Project Manager. He is an experienced project manager and scrummaster and will act as a linking pin between client and development team. Previously Tim worked at Occhio and Red5. He also previously worked as a designer and front-end developer. Due to his technical background, he is able to advise our clients on what is possible within projects. In addition, he loves to come up with innovative solutions. Tim likes to play computer games, unfortunately for Tim, this only happens when his girlfriend is not home. Furthermore, Tim is a big fan his hometown The Hague. He lives at a stone’s throw from Silo; very convenient indeed.

Ananta Mulyono, trainee / graduate research

This born Hagenaar studies Communication and Multimedia Design at the Haagsche Hogeschool. At SILO, however, he works on a typical Rotterdam project: Fitterdam. This project, initiated by SILO designer Sjoerd Koopmans, aims to increase sports activities amongst Rotterdammers, thereby also aiming to strengthen the community feeling in Rotterdam’s neighborhoods. Anata investigates how digital resources can contribute to the development of Fitterdam. Previously, Ananta has already gained experience as Social Media Manager at Fresh Bridge, as interaction design intern worked at studio Vruchtvlees, and with Pinnacle Productions he had his own business. In addition to this already colorful career you can also call upon Ananta for a delicious rice table and tips on the best Dutch-Indonesian restaurants in The Hague.


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