Silo is working with Albert Heijn

Silo is working with Albert Heijn. The supermarket giant was inspired by Silo’s work for the Zaans Medical Center. The healing environment designed by Mecanoo Architects in collaboration with Silo is seen as a strong example of how to implement a vision of health in a design strategy and realize it in a comprehensive construction project.

In cooperation with Interbuild, Albert Heijn develops an AH XL store as part of the Zaandam care complex. Silo will help the supermarket group with a new use for place branding of the new location of the successful Albert Heijn XL concept. Under the title ‘Fresh from the region’, some local suppliers will participate in the AH XL concept.


René Toneman: “Actually, this project is about corporate storytelling. Albert Heijn’s huge success has started in Zaandam. We are going to tell Albert Heijn’s inspirational story in an original way, and make a connection with the region and its residents.”

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