Rene Toneman to give lectures in Shenzhen and Shanghai

Creative director/partner Rene Toneman has been invited to give lectures at NanShan Museum in Shenzhen, and SIVA University in Shanghai. He will also participate in the jury of Graphic Design China ’17

The lecture in Shenzhen will be hosted at the NanShan Museum on October 29th, 2017, organised by the SGDA (Shenzhen Graphic Design Association). This institution has become the most influential, authoritative and impartial design authority at level in the Chinese Residential Region. The mission of SGDA is to draw attention to the value of design, to enrich the meaning of contemporary graphic design, and to study the relationship between designers and things to be designed. GDC17 will continue to fulfill this mission through competition, exhibitions and forums.

Rene Toneman in design jury GDC17

Since 1992 GDC is the first comprehensive global graphic design campaign in China which runs biennially. The competition consists of around 30.000 cases to be judged on quality and authenticity, for the sake of the theme ‘Design for China’s future’. Rene Toneman will join the international design jury of GDC’17. The selection of most representative cases will be exhibited around the world in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and the USA.

NanShan Art Museum, Shenzhen / SIVA Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, China

SIVA University – DeTao Masters Academy

On November 1st 2017 in Shanghai Rene will lecture at China’s leading education for Branding, Identity & Public Space. The university was established 4 years ago by SIVA -Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts in collaboration with DeTao Masters Academy.

With the lectures, Rene will discuss various projects of SILO, in which branding and architecture meet. In particular, it will address how architecture and it’s users interact with each other, and how experiences can be controlled and optimized in the spatial environment.

The multiple co-operation with Mecanoo Architects has been a catalyst for SILO. Mecanoo Architects is one of the largest Dutch architectural firms, and a.o. known in China as the architect of the iconic Long Cheng Plaza Cultural Center. Recently, Mecanoo won the urban development competition of the Shenzhen North Station business district, comprising 12 high skyscrapers (278-428m), a raised pedestrian network and a green urban park.

Rene Toneman is founder and creative director of SILO. His agency works at the intersection of branding, digital and spatial environments to enhance the human experience. The work includes projects for hospitals and healthcare, culture & theaters, education & science, tech start-ups, urban development and social impact. Many projects are internationally distinguished by a.o. D&AD, ADC New York and Red Dot. In 2012 SILO received the prestigious award ‘European Design Agency of the Year’ in Helsinki. In 2017 they received this honorary title again in Porto.

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