SILO strategic partner Dutch Defence Museums

SILO has won the European Marketing & Communications tender of the Royal Foundation of Defence Museums. The plots include the marketing and communication activities of four Dutch defence museums, including the National Military Museum in Soesterberg, the Naval Museum in Den Helder, the Marines Museum in Rotterdam and the Marechaussee Museum in Buren.


Nationaal Militair Museum, Soesterberg

Paul van Vlijmen, CEO of the Royal Foundation Defence Museums:
“We are looking forward to working with SILO, the agency that has been a convincing winner of the European procurement for marketing. SILO can give the Defence Museums an additional incentive to continue the rising line. I am convinced that in collaboration with the teams of the four museums they will create creative and engaging campaigns.”

Royal Foundation Defence Museums
The Defence Museums give the military story and story of soldiers a place in public debates by allowing as many people as possible to experience the armed forces in the present and the past, because war and conflict are inextricably linked to the world in which we live and thus with us.


Rene Toneman: “In the coming years, we want to make the quality of these museums much more visible in all manifestations. These are museums of an incredibly high level. In the campaigns we want to underline the rich collections and modern presentations, in which the museum visit is truly an experience for young- and old. We are convinced that these museums are interesting to a large group of people. “

The four defence museums each highlight the significance of the Dutch Armed Forces in the past, present and future with different emphasis. Each year, the four defence museums gather around the 425,000 visitors from home and abroad.

SILO will collaborate with the four marketing and communication teams, including consultancy and development of the communication plan, online and offline campaign development and realisation of events and exhibitions.

NMM, Anne Reitsma Fotografie


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