Lecture for hospital directors by SILO’s Sjoerd Koopmans

Today and tomorrow, hospital managers and staff meet each other in castle Engelenburg in Brummen. The directors come together to investigate and discuss how hospitals can strengthen the connection with the region. Sjoerd Koopmans will give a lecture on the healing environment that SILO created with Mecanoo Architects in the new Zaans Medical Center. The project is a good example of how a hospital can connect with its region and provide a pleasant environment for patients and visitors.With this project, SILO has been awarded with several international prizes, amongst which the Designism Award in New York for Best Social Good project.

Illustratie Zaans Medisch Centrum

Cooperative General Hospitals (SAZ)

The meeting is organized by SAZ. This is a partnership of regional hospitals that are highly intertwined with and anchored in the region in which they are located. These hospitals see their connection with residents, knowledge of local practices and connection with other regional healthcare providers, as a prerequisite for good care.

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