Surprising entrance area for new top sports pool in Rotterdam

In Rotterdam Zuid a new vibrant city center is being developed: Hart van Zuid. One of the most important innovations is the construction of the first 50-meter competition pool in Rotterdam. A place for top sport and the inhabitants of Rotterdam Zuid. SILO is working on a magnificent entrance area.

Warm welcome

SILO was approached by Kraaijvanger Architects to come up with a solution for the entrance of the new swimming pool. The Zuidplein in Rotterdam will undergo a metamorphosis in the coming years, with the construction of new public buildings and redesign of the outdoor space. The environment will have a pleasant and safe appearance. The entrance area of the new swimming pool requires special attention. You enter an unmanned hall with a staircase and elevator. Only on the floor above this entrance you arrive as a visitor in a public space with catering and the entrance desk of the swimming pool. SILO chose to connect the pool and its visitors, with a unique welcome.


Beeld: Zwembad Hart van Zuid, Kraaijvanger Architects

Friendly giants 

SILO has developed over 160 m2 of mosaic, consisting of 967,375 tiles, on the walls of the entrance that run upwards through the staircase. Most elements are to expect in a swimming pool: swimming, lines, tiles, water flow, and reflection. But within this world of expectations you will also find a few enormous whales. A surrealistic element, but at the same time very logical and appropriate. A friendly intervention. The whale is the largest friendly and respectful water giant on earth. It makes the pool an icon on Rotterdam Zuid, and with its big eyes literally keeps an eye on things. In its totality, the mosaic gives individuality to the swimming pool and increases the quality experience at the entrance level.

Strict requirements apply to swimming pools when it comes to the safety and durability of materials. SILO used an innovative type of mosaic for the tiles that fully meets this requirement and quality of the design.

René Toneman: “The whale is not only a friendly giant who greets visitors, but with his big eyes he literally keeps an eye on things. Psychological research shows that the use of eyes can have a positive effect on people’s behavior. Where cameras make surveillance explicit, the whales can provide a positive stimulus for respectful behavior of visitors in an unmanned entrée area.”

Expected completion date: January 2018




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