Exoskeletons are coming! Work in progress for Skel-Ex

Skel-Ex designs, produces and markets custom exoskeleton solutions for large scale manufacturing companies. Their products empower workers in aerospace manufacturing, shipbuilding and heavy manufacturing to be more productive while minimizing the risk for ergonomic injuries. The Skel-Ex technology offers the wearer a weightless feeling in the arms, resulting in a proven reduction in muscle activity and fatigue.

SILO helps Skel-Ex with the strategic positioning and branding of this new technology. The Exoskeletons of Skel-Ex have been developed in close collaboration with Delft University of Technology and have been extensively tested at various large industrial companies. Recently, the company made a considerable investment to further develop the product.


Dennis Flinterman: “Now is a good time to launch Skel-Ex, SILO has a track record when it comes strategic positioning and branding of new products and services. For instance we’ve previously launched Aigency, a market place for Artificial Intelligence services. We’re very much looking forward to work with Skel-Ex. ”

“The solutions from Skel-Ex have proven themselves in various pilots, we see a world-class innovation with a young and dynamic team. With the help of SILO in the field of positioning and brand strategy, Skel-Ex is a company in which we are fully convinced to invest.” Mark Offerman, VenturesOne


“Our solution acts as a bicycle for the arms” CEO Gaurav Genani, Skel-Ex.

FlexFrame technology (no engines)

What makes Skel-Ex unique is the use of FlexFrame technology ®. This technique eliminates the feeling of being ‘limited’, allowing comfortable long-term use. The frame adapts to the body shape and size of the user, supports the biological movement of the joints and transfers the weight to the lower body. The device does not contain motors: it is non-powered. That is to say: it uses energy from muscles in your body that are usually not stressed with work, and thus strengthens the muscles in your arms and other highly stressed parts of your body. The weight is transferred via the exoskeleton to the bottom of your body where the impulse of the weight ultimately has to pass through.

Dennis Flinterman: “We arre very much looking forward to launch Skel-Ex with a new branding and strategy.”

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