New AH XL opens in Zaandam

On december 6th, the new Albert Heijn XL was opened in Zaandam. SILO was responsible for the place branding and storytelling strategy. The new supermarket is part of the care complex that has also been completed this year and is also part of the Zaans Medical Center

Albert Heijn had the desire to make something special from this location. Zaandam is the place where Albert Heijn once started, in addition, the supermarket is part of a care complex. That makes this location special and an ideal place to tell the story of Albert Heijn. In the new supermarket special attention is paid to fresh products and the link with the Zaan region is emphasized. Under the theme ‘Fresh from the region’, local fresh suppliers take part in this new AH XL concept.


René Toneman: “The enormous success of Albert Heijn started in Zaandam. The link between Albert Heijn and the Zaanstreek is still strong, the head office is a stone’s throw away. With place branding we let the rich history of Albert Heijn come to life. The focus is on the high quality (and healthy) food and drinks that we are used to from Albert Heijn. A look that fits well with this location on a care complex. ”

The project will be completed and delivered in the coming weeks. Soon more information in the case on our website!

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