eScience Center launches new Research Software Directory

The Netherlands eScience Center helps scientists developing software for multidisciplinary and data-intensive research. The new Research Software Directory makes it easier to find this software, thereby generating more impact. SILO created the Research Software Directory’s user-friendly interaction design and visual design and developed the platform in collaboration with the Netherlands eScience Center.

The Research Software Directory encourages the re-use of research software. Researchers can easily find and quickly judge the relevance and quality of the research software. For developers, the platform allows their software to be findable and accessible. Policy makers and funders gain more insight into the impact of investments in research software.


SILO applied a user-centered design process, starting with interviews with scientists about how they search, evaluate and develop software. The citation and publishing of software were also studied. This created a clear picture of the information that the Research Software Directory should offer, and which parts of it were considered to be most important. The visual design followed the organization’s identity that was previously designed by SILO.

The new Research Software Directory clearly describes the software packages’ usages, which developers created the software, and how often it has been updated. Previous applications are also shown, as well as the correct way to cite the software. Moreover, the information can now be found via search engines, potentially reaching many more researchers.

SILO also designed the 2017 digital annual report of Netherlands eScience Center, published last week.

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