User flow tool Overflow announced by

SILO designed the brand identity for Overflow, a new user-friendly software application for designers. The tool allows them to show in a simple and beautiful way how you navigate through websites and apps. Overflow, developed by, was announced on March 7, 2018.

The brand identity is centered around a logo with a playful character. Animations are used to provide feedback which enhances the tool’s UX. This way, Overflow really acts in a supportive manner.

Overflow allows designers to easily share the flow of websites or apps (the way you navigate through the program) with others. During the design process, it is often difficult to show clients and colleagues what the final user experience of the product will be. Existing design programs do not the right features to support this. Overflow offers a solution that not only ensures that the customer journey becomes clear from start to finish, but also that the design looks great.

We have already played with the app ourselves and Overflow looks very promising!

Read more about Overflow on Medium.

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