King opens exhibition on William of Orange

His Majesty King Willem Alexander opened the exhibition ‘Willem’ at the National Military Museum in Soesterberg, the Netherlands on Tuesday, April 24, 2018. SILO developed the publicity campaign for the exhibition.

‘Willem’ gives a unique overview of the life of the young William of Orange and his unknown years as a soldier and general long before the Eighty Years’ War or the Dutch Revolt broke out. It shows how he would become the leader of the Revolt and why he is considered the Father of the Nation. In 2018, it is 450 years ago that the Eighty Years’ War broke out.

Aankomst koning - Foto Anne Reitsma

Foto: Anne Reitsma

The publicity campaign introduces the protagonists of the exhibition – William, his first wife Anna and his rival, King Philip II of Spain – and establishes links between history and current events.

The basis of the campaign is a series of provocative interview fragments in which William is questioned about his convictions and motives. Interweaving the visual culture of the 16th century with contemporary media culture emphasizes William’s relevance for the Netherlands of today.

SILO has a long-term strategic partnership regarding marketing and communication with the Royal Foundation for Defense Museums, the umbrella organization that includes the National Military Museum.

‘Willem’ will be open to the general public from April 25 to October 28, 2018. The exhibition was developed by Ars Longa.

See the complete case study for ‘Willem‘.

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