Diederik Wubs starts internship at Silo

Diederik Wubs has started an internship at Silo on July 23, 2018. Diederik is a student in Graphic Design at ArtEZ Art Academy Zwolle and is currently in his final year. Over the next five months, he will be working in different teams on a variety of projects.

Designing as a team effort appeals to Diederik: “I am always happy to help others; designing is not a solitary activity, but something you do together!”

As part of his study programme, he researched the complex problem of low literacy. The outcome of the study was a design for a pair of glasses which help low-literate people to read product labels more easily. The glasses unravel the information until only the core remains. This example of inclusive design not only solve a problem but also contributes to raising awareness about the issue of low literacy.

Diederik was born in the Noordoostpolder and grew up in Luttelgeest. He is levelheaded appreciates clarity. This is reflected in his design style, in which he searches for simplicity, unity, and playfulness. During his internship, Diederik wants to further develop in the field of spatial design, typography, and identity design.

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