Silo adds Motion Designer Robbert Klein to team

Senior Motion Designer Robbert Klein has joined Silo in late July 2018. With his skills and experience, he is a valuable addition to the multidisciplinary Silo team.

Robbert studied Communication and Multimedia Design, with a minor in motion design. After his studies, he worked for the Rotterdam-based agency GuiltyPeople.

In 2011, he started working freelance, specializing in 3D animation and illustration. He created productions for Audi, Gazelle, HEMA, Ziggo and Dutch tv shows such as Tegenlicht (VPRO), DWDD, and Boer zoekt Vrouw.

Robbert is particularly proud of the self-initiated project ‘Spying on society’, which he developed together with Henrik van Leeuwen. Based on a lecture by Eben Moglen, the production depicts the past, present, and future of spying. The project included extensive research on espionage strategies and techniques. Therefore, the depiction of the enigma decoder corresponds exactly to the actual real-time number of rotations per rotor.

Robbert lives with his girlfriend in Oud Rijswijk. He is an avid gamer, both digital and analog, and has a passion for plants and travel. Robbert looks forward to being part of a team and realizing great projects together.

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