Designer Julian Baan joined Silo

Silo recently added a new designer to the team: Julian Baan. Julian has just graduated as a Graphic Designer at ArtEZ Art Academy in Zwolle. He is eager to further develop his skills at the intersection between graphic and spatial design.

Last year, Julian did an internship at Silo and became familiar with the agency’s way of working. As a designer, Julian wants to take responsibility and initiate change. He, therefore, likes to make engaging designs in which the human experience is central.

“By asking the right questions – and researching the question behind the question – you can really add something to the world.”

Julian’s graduation project ‘Just eat less meat’ asked critical questions about the consumption of meat. He designed an installation that provides spatial and visual insights into the impact of meat consumption. Julian hopes to make people look at meat differently and stimulate them to consume less meat.

The graduation project is an example of how Julian converts complex information into powerful, clear and simplistic designs. These are the kinds of projects he wants to work on at Silo.

Julian lives in Hoevelaken and will work alternately in The Hague and in Silo’s recently opened Amsterdam office.

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