Sign+ Award 2018 for Zaans Medical Center

The healing environment of Zaans Medical Center has won the Sign+ Award 2018. The award ceremony for the most important prize in the Dutch sign and display sector took place aboard the SS Rotterdam on November 9, 2018.

“It is a gorgeous and extraordinary design – free of any visual ‘pollution’ – which maintains its appeal over time and provides visitors with positive distraction. It has become an integral part of the building’s architecture and contributes to the healing environment. It’s a well-executed whole”, said Henri Ritzen, chairman of the professional jury.

Entering the hospital’s central hall, you immediately see an immense hand-drawn representation of the human body, comprising elements of the region’s industrial history. This illustrative and narrative style is repeated throughout the building on walls, glass partitions, light boxes, and elevators.

Both the illustrations and the wayfinding in Zaans Medical Center aim to enrich the spatial experience of patients, visitors, and staff. Users of the building can easily find their way and experience positive distractions.

For the development of spatial identity and signage, Silo cooperated intensively with the client and Mecanoo, the architect of the hospital. The extensive design was realized in collaboration with Reklaspits and Vescom.

In addition to the best-in-show prize, the Zaans Medisch Centrum also won in the Architectural Signage category. The biennial Sign+ Awards are organized by the Sign+ Magazine, published by Eisma Businessmedia.

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