EasyScan selects Silo to help innovate their services

EasyScan offers advanced retinal imaging devices. The company is moving toward a service-driven business model in the retail environment. Commissioned by EasyScan, Silo will develop a user-friendly online tool which opticians can use to improve their customer service.

Through the use of EasyScan, opticians have access to more information than through regular examinations. Possible medical issues may, therefore, be identified at an earlier stage. The increased service level will set the specialist optician apart in the market.

Undergoing an eye examination is not always pleasant. Moreover, as a customer, you suddenly receive a lot of information to process. With EasyScan, check-ups are relatively quick and comfortable. Communicating the outcomes in a customer-friendly manner will enhance the overall experience of the examination.


Before the development of the new user interface, Silo has created a customer journey, analyzing the needs and expectations of the user. The different usage scenarios of EasyScan – and how both the optician and their customers experience the service – have been uncovered in a series of interviews. This ensures the creation of a more relevant, better solution.

The development of the new software has started. The tool is expected to be launched in mid-2019.

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