Defense minister opens Cold War exhibition

The Dutch Minister of Defense, Ank Bijleveld, has opened the exhibition ‘When the Russians come‘ at the National Military Museum. The exhibition offers an immersive experience of the threat posed by the Cold War. Silo developed the publicity campaign strategy as well as a visual style which embodies the era’s atmosphere.

The exhibition highlights different perspectives on the tensions between East and West, focusing on how the Netherlands, as a small country between the two superpowers, dealt with a constant threat of escalation. Special attention is paid to the conscripted army personnel who would have to respond to a possible invasion.

A thrilling 3D audio tour guides visitors past special objects from the Netherlands and abroad. One of the highlights is a heavy British Chieftain tank, the type used for the British ‘Berlin Brigade’ during the Cold War. The 57-ton tank is clad in characteristic ‘urban camouflage’; a pattern specially developed to blend into urban areas. By addressing cyber warfare, hacking and fake news, the exhibition extends its thematic to current events.

Silo developed the campaign as part of a long-term strategic partnership with the Royal Foundation for Defense Museums, the umbrella organization that includes the National Military Museum in Soesterberg.

‘When the Russians come’ is open to the public from 23 February to 1 September 2019. As a peripheral program, an escape room has created in which you must try to prevent an all-destructive nuclear war from breaking out. The line-up of the tank event in the summer will also be themed on the Cold War.

See the full case study of ‘When the Russians come’ for the National Military Museum.

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