Silo to develop wayfinding for Leiden Municipal Offices and multi-use building Level

Silo will develop wayfinding and signage for Level Leiden, a multifunctional building next to the central station. The offices of the Municipality of Leiden are an important new function in Level. The project aims to ensure that visitors, guests, and employees always know where to go.

Level Leiden, designed by MVSA Architects, is a true landmark: iconic and within easy reach for everyone. The twelve above-ground and two underground floors offer space to a wide range of services and businesses. The wayfinding will improve the accessibility and anticipates future changes of tenants. Ultimately, the building should function like a city: vibrant and inviting.

The Municipality of Leiden has leased the first four floors of Level. The public services desks are situated on the ground floor, with offices and a working café located on the higher floors. Just like the services strategy of the municipality, the wayfinding centers around the visitor/citizen. For the development of the signage, Silo will collaborate with Kraaijvanger Architects, the interior architect of the offices.

Silo has extensive experience designing wayfinding and signage for public buildings such as Zaans Medical Center and offices such as Provinciehuis Antwerpen. Wayfinding is an integral part of the spatial identity and optimizes the relationship between a building and its user.

The Leiden Municipal Offices are scheduled to be inaugurated in the third quarter of 2019. Around the same time, new signage will have been completed throughout the entire building.

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