Budgets with high blood pressure? Launch media campaign Intrakoop

Silo has developed a brand awareness campaign for Intrakoop, the largest healthcare group purchasing organization in the Netherlands. The campaign cleverly combines management jargon and healthcare speak.

The aim of the campaign is to increase awareness of (the services of) Intrakoop among top-level management and budget holders within the healthcare sector. By emphasizing the impact of purchasing on business operations, Intrakoop positions itself as a partner for collaboration. Enhanced purchasing solutions means that more funds and attention can be used towards providing better care.

Paracetamol for a real headache?

An example of how Intrakoop can help is with complex issues such as the processing of patient or client data. Intrakoop has the knowledge and experience to support healthcare institutions in becoming fully GDPR compliant in conjunction with other laws and regulations. The themes highlighted by the campaign are further explored on Intrakoop’s website.

In terms of style and approach, the media campaign continues the brand strategy and visual identity that Silo created for Intrakoop in 2017. The publication of the campaign in trade journals, as online banners and on LinkedIn runs parallel to the 60th anniversary of Intrakoop.

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