Spatial design: what we do

We enhance spatial environments through wayfinding systems and graphic identities, in order to improve the sense of comfort, quality and safety for its users.
Our designs are closely linked with the relevant architectural context and atmosphere. They complete or provide contrast to the architectural surroundings, aiming to be of service to users from a functional point of view and to stimulate them emotionally.

Together with architects and urban planners, we achieve identity and coherence in different places, on any level, from a single room, a building, to a neighborhood or city district.


Wayfinding strategy

Depending on the request, we start by researching the current situation. We analyze the architecture, landscape or interior design, the routing- and user flows and processes, and we put forward potential solutions for a quick and safe navigation.

Wayfinding design

We develop distinctive design solutions for present buildings or new constructions, offices, laboratories, complex public environments such as hospitals, university campuses, carparks etc. Every project has its features. Our work process is aimed to solve any issue, s/m/l/xxxl.

Spatial branding

We add identity to spatial environments to enhance interaction with it’s users on an emotional level. Projects vary from place branding of important public functions, area marking to privacy regulating graphics. No matter the type of architecture or urban surrounding, we always improve the relationship between building, space and user.