25 MLN pageviews per month

The first online tabloid in the Netherlands: Sensational, remarkable, opinionated and above all entertaining news.


Sanoma performs with a leading portfolio in the media sector of the Netherlands. In addition of their website, since 2007 the largest news website in the Netherlands, Sanoma wanted to launch a high-volume online tabloid with a focus on newsworthy and entertaining issues that occur in the periphery of the big news. News snacks that are worth sharing and triggering people to respond to. The name WTF refers to online text-messaging slang, and is also a well-known expression of amazement (What The F ***). focuses on women and men between 18 and 40 years of age who are often online on many different devices. The WTFer is positive in life and is curious. This target group is active on social media, fashion-conscious and trend-sensitive.


SILO created an online brand identity, naming and website for A dynamic logo was introduced, mutable of content and form. The iconographic logo works as a sculpture turning around its own axis. It can be used with images and remains intact on every possible surface. The responsive web design is informative but as dynamic as the logo. For the classification of the content special icons were designed with its own color, image and pattern.


In april 2012 was launched, with an award winning design and apps for Android and iOS. Now over two years later provides more than 2,1 million unique visitors per month amazing and snackable news. The apps have more than 280,000 unique users every month more than 25 million page views, which makes within Sanoma the number two best-scoring mobile application. The number one is

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