A cinematic experience of the future

Imagine; a climate-neutral hotel on the Arctic Circle, a 3D-printed habitat on Mars or a sustainable energy and data hub. That is precisely what visualizer Plomp does: turning innovative future projects and products into images.

With a non-standard concept, original art direction, and sense of humor, the artist impressions of Plomp are unquestionably unconventional. The goal is to provoke a strong reaction instead of tacit appreciation. Plomp challenged Silo to develop an online platform that optimally highlights the impact of the awe-inspiring work.

All room to visuals

The presentation of images, user experience, and usability are the three pillars of the concept. The non-hierarchical interface gives all room to the visuals. As in a digital exhibition, you move intuitively – on both desktop and mobile – along Plomp’s wonderful creations. The Plomp logo fits site’s cinematographic atmosphere whereas the UX design entices you to keep discovering.

Digital craftsmanship

The concept art of Plomp is computer generated, but the creation is a matter of true craftsmanship. Therefore the site also presents the international team of specialists behind the images. To optimize the management and ease-of-use, a custom CMS free of superfluous features has been set up with Laravel.


A website that feels like a native app

Through the combination of specific technical solutions, seems more like a native (desktop) app than a website. The smooth and seamless transitions between the pages are created with the open-source JavaScript framework Vue.js. Smart coding makes the site feel faster. For example, images in the grid will only be loaded just before they appear on the screen. Sophisticated CSS is applied for the GPU-handled animations, resulting in less work for the browser.

Based in Amsterdam, Plomp (formerly knows as Plompmozes) works for visionary architects such as Snøhetta, Zaha Hadid Architects, KPF, UNStudio, Mithun and Will Alsop. The agency’s work has been published by, among others, CNN, The Independent, Architecture Digest, and the Huffington Post.


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