Den Haag Inclusief

A prejudice is a wasted opportunity

Why is one candidate invited for a job interview and the other not? There are all sorts of reasons, good and bad. Unfortunately, our judgments about other people are sometimes based not on facts but on prejudice. Therefore we exclude people and opportunities are missed.



The Hague society is changing rapidly. And this also applies to the labor market. The population is more diverse and older. Already, there are sectors such as technology, with large deficits. There are a lot of missed opportunities, which non-Western migrants are often rejected. This is not only very unpleasant for the people who are put sidelined but also a missed opportunity for employers.


In collaboration with PR consultancy Lindblom a multi annual campaign plan was developed which touches upon the aspects of exclusion in the labor market and appeals to both employees and employers. The first challenge was to get the issue on the agenda and show all parties it is a shared interest. The created platform ‘Den Haag Inclusief’ inspires employers and applicants not to miss any opportunity and use of untapped talent.

SILO developed a polarizing communication campaign to avoid clichés. The prejudice is emphasized and raises the right question: is it the real potential of a person or a superficial based judgement. Several campaign resources were developed, such as posters, publications such as a ”false excuses booklet”, banners, boomerang card sets and more.


Through the activities of the ‘Platform Den Haag Inclusief’, diversity and inclusive policy are on the agenda of more The Hague entrepreneurs. The campaign proved to be a good conversation starter. At meetings and conferences, experiences are exchanged making an inclusive policy seen as an opportunity.

The campaign will continue in the coming years.

Photography: Ivo van der Bent

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