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New Delftware

Punt Uit is an exceptional bed and breakfast in the center of Delft. The quirky architecture combined with the hospitality of its owners make the stay a memorable event.

Enjoying a fantastic location just steps away from the Grote Markt, the Nieuwe Kerk and adjacent to Vermeer’s Little Street is B & B Punt Uit (Dutch for Period!). A delicious breakfast in a naturally landscaped garden, quirky terrace, 2 studios with a hidden bedstee for children, private parking and a canoe available for a trip through the Delft canal. Simply if you are looking for something slightly different, Punt Uit!

SILO approached this small project also slightly different. We developed the idea for a completely hand-painted brand identity, matching the creative history of Delft.

Delft is known for pottery. Delft Blue soon became very popular and the industry experienced a heyday from 1650 to 1750. At that time, over 30 active potteries were active in Delft alone. Famous product is the Delft Blue tile. These were used as skirting along floors and paneling in hallways, stairwells, and the refractory lining. The subjects painted on the tiles were very diverse, from flowers, landscapes, biblical scenes to the ordinariness of humans and animals.

Original Delft Blue tiles, ca. 1700 – 1750, Zuid-Holland

Original Delft Blue tiles, ca. 1700 – 1750, Zuid-Holland

The inspiration for the concept of the brand identity derives from the variety of artwork on the Delft Blue tiles. Logo, typography, signs, labels, illustrations, everything is hand painted. This is the new Delftware.


Punt Uit toolbox with hand drawn and painted brand identity ingredients

SILO created a world on its own with topics from the architecture of the B & B building, the typical Delft area, distinctive animals and text messages. This creates a toolbox of all the elements to be applied to a wide range of means of communication, but also in the interior of the rooms.


Illustration layer system

Each component in the toolbox can be combined and assembled into various compositions which are countless available. Besides Delft Blue multiple spot colors can be added.


Selection of post cards


Punt Uit posters for souvenir purposes


Punt Uit website


Punt Uit interior and exterior



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