Beautiful Netherlands 2009

PostNL annually published a series of stamps to commemorate various characteristic Dutch cities, called ‘Mooi Nederland’. SILO designed the 2009 series.



PostNL is exclusive publisher of stamps in Netherlands, for the benefit of postage of mail but also for philately purposes. Collecting stamps is still a popular hobby, and a beneficial market for PostNL. In 2005, TPG Post (now TNT) starts with the visualization of our country on stamps. Each year a designer or design company is commissioned to design a series of stamps about characteristic cities and villages in the Netherlands, in their own way.

SILO was commissioned in 2009 for the cities of Assen, Tilburg, Breda, Roosendaal and Delfzijl. A collective sheet completes the series with a total of 6 stamp sheets.


Silo’s approach to the assignment is different when compared to earlier series. Our goal was to tell more about these cities, show more than only a remarkable skyline or some old buildings. The concept focuses on old sayings, remarkable objects and historical observations. It is the story behind the surroundings which bring a city to life.

The design is about a selection of cards with images and text about objects, stories, history and important buildings. The cards are placed in various ways around the sheet in a way it implies this is a selection of a much larger total. The space around the stamps is used in the same way as the stamps itself. Only the use of color is different. This makes it a very interesting composition where the stamps are camouflaged in the total amount of information. When the stamps are teared out, the stamp is nicely proportioned with three main subjects on cards and the stamp value. All text is readable with a loupe.

Silo did all of the research for the content, wrote the texts, checked the facts and illustrated the images.


Every month a stamp sheet was published with one of the cities in the 2009 range. According to PostNL, SILO holds the record for greatest density of information per square millimeter stamp.
Circulation: 110,000 pcs x 5 / 450,000 pcs x 1

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