Vroaam! 2015

Boost your creative career

VROAAM! is the annual Dutch career day for designers, photographers and other creatives, organised by the Association of Dutch Designers and Photographers Federation.


A career is sometimes a bumpy road. With sharp bends and steep slopes, new turns or dangerous intersections, braking and acceleration. Are you on the right road? Is something changing (urgent circumstances)? Or do you want to change something (intrinsic motivation) yourself?

During your career you constantly have to make decisions – whether you are employed or want work, or own a business or you want to start one properly. What choices do you have to make? What opportunities can you catch? What knowledge and skills do you need? Where do you start, and how?

For students, junior or senior creatives VROAAM! facilitates a boost for your creative career. The program includes among other creative coaching and open discussions portfolio by more than one hundred famous creatives, speed business advice and an extensive information market. The stage program includes workshops and presentations, packed with innovation and inspiration.


VROAAM! 2015 emphasises on the identity of the creative. Many creative people are not aware of their own role in relation to their work, their clients or their creative career. SILO has developed a selection of contradictory characteristics, practices and attitudes that define and distinguish you as a creative professional.

Various contrasting qualities were brought together to communicate the theme and ignite fiery debates and inspiring presentations. Do you prefer to work independent or do you operate rather like a ’wolf pack’? Do you follow your brains or your gut feeling? Are you picky on assignments, or do you take all the challenges as they come. Vroaam 2015: Take your position!

Campaign resources include posters, website, advertisements, programs, signage, animations and social media messaging.

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