Zaans Medisch Centrum

Brand identity for innovative hospital

The new Zaans Medical Center (ZMC) is a welcoming, innovative and reliable hospital. These values are to be found in the architecture, the interior, and also the visual communication. A well devised blend between architecture and design ensures a homely and inspiring environment for patients, visitors and staff.


A new hospital

The healthcare sector is rapidly developing. We witness a shift in the relationship between caretakers and patients as patients are increasingly better informed and act accordingly. Public policy as well as technological development help create a health care situation wherein competition increases and new partnerships are formed. Quality has become a more transparant factor and is no longer solely defined by medical care alone. Patients take into account their entire experience when valuing hospitals.  It’s a fact that  a pleasant healing and working environment contributes to optimal recovery for patients. The aspects which contribute to a positive experience are broad. These range from the type of coffee you are served and the way you are received at the reception to the look and feel of the spatial environment and clear and unambiguous communication in wayfinding, leaflets and the like.

After years of development and construction, Zaans Medical Center (ZMC) opened it’s doors late January 2017. This brand new hospital called for a new and sharpened profile, strategy and organisation. Along with the ZMC, SILO developed a new logo, corporate identity and communication tools for the new hospital. In collaboration with Mecanoo Architects, we also developed internal and external signage, and built a distinctive identity in the form of 3,500 m2 of illustrations all over the new hospital.




The basic idea behind the new visual identity can be summarized in one word: “Be +”. By this we emphasize ZMC being not only an innovative hospital which provides more then just health care.  It also points to the fact that ZMC proves to have a great commitment to the local (Zaanse) population and it’s distinguishing values and identity. We have this translated into iconic aspects of the corporate identity.


Inspiratie van anatomische en biologische illustraties


The graphical interpretation of the various specialties serves as a tool to visualise complex topics and present them in an accessible manner for communication purposes. SILO developed corporate communication tools such as brochures, leaflets, office correspondence resources, its own magazine ‘Your Care”, advertorials, posters, etc.




Business cards

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