Brand strategy for the largest purchasing organization for healthcare

The quality and affordability of healthcare: it is one of the most complex issues of our time. Far-reaching purchasing cooperation can contribute to cost control and the development of more transparent solutions.

As the largest group purchasing organization in the Netherlands, how do you make sure that you are considered a reliable and knowledgeable partner? SILO developed a new brand strategy for Intrakoop and supported the further professionalization of visual identity. Extensive research preceded the development.


Making good care more affordable together

With approximately 550 hospitals and healthcare institutions as members, Intrakoop is the Netherlands’ main purchasing collective in the healthcare sector. The organization has in-depth knowledge of the healthcare sector, the supplier market, and the purchasing process. The contracts Intrakoop negotiates with suppliers on behalf of its members ensure quality improvements and savings of money and time. This ultimately benefits the clients and patients. Intrakoop is continuously looking for smart solutions and innovations that help the healthcare sector. By emphasizing cooperation and sharing knowledge, Intrakoop positions itself as a knowledge center with the mission of ‘making good care more affordable together’.

“Collaboration: that is what our work is all about. SILO helped us streamline our brand values and find the right words to express our ambition and what we promise our members. Based on that, they developed a beautiful visual identity that really suits Intrakoop.”

— Frank Kaptein, director/chairman of the board Intrakoop


Research-based brand strategy

With almost 60 years of experience, Intrakoop was seen as a very competent, but not a contemporary organization. Even among members, it lacked visibility and a clear profile. The development of the brand strategy began with research and workshops, both inside and outside the organization. What is the impression that members, clients, and suppliers have Intrakoop? What are their expectations? How do they want to collaborate with the organization? Using card sorting, Intrakoop members helped to better organize the product segments. Interviews and discussions with employees embedded the brand strategy within the organization and formed part of the internal branding.

Knowledgeable and personal

The knowledge and enthusiasm of the employees of Intrakoop are central to the new brand identity. The advisors and product managers are explicitly present and easily approachable on the straightforward new website: you can always call them. They take pride in finding the best solutions for members or providing tailor-made services. The online knowledge base contains information about current developments in healthcare purchasing. In the future, web apps will be linked to the website. That way, Intrakoop becomes the knowledge platform for healthcare purchasing professionals.

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