Dutch Digital Delta

Branding the impact of Dutch digital innovation

The Netherlands is among the leaders in the world of technological innovation. Dutch Digital Delta was established to position the Netherlands as a global player in the field of IT innovation and digitalization.


Digitization is interwoven in our modern lives. IT and its application will play an increasingly important role in society as a whole.

Developments will continue. They increase exponentially and are irreversible. The ability to develop and use IT innovations determines the competitiveness of enterprises and leading sectors, and ultimately the quality of our lives. Digitization makes the difference, while awareness of this is lagging behind.

The Netherlands is ranking among the best in the world of digital economies. Many households have a PC, tablet or smartphone and the mobile network is very well developed. Almost all Dutch companies work online and our internet servers are the safest in the world. IT and the Internet are increasingly becoming engines for innovative products and services and creating more and more jobs and income.

Typically, these developments often come about through new combinations of companies from different sectors. IT eminently creates cross connections. To stimulate these cross connections within top sectors, to strengthen the broader business policy and IT innovations to be powerful in contributing to economic growth, a compact, agile team is composed of representatives from industry, SMEs, research institutes and government. The ambition has been set to position the Netherlands as a global player of digitization in two years. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and ECP will coordinate the program.


Logo concept based on pixelgrid system


Anyone can change the world with a good idea. That’s a good thing, because the problems the world is facing, also ask for a lot of creativity and innovation. The power of IT is therefore in the development and use of innovative applications for work and production processes, new services and applications that the many economic and social issues such as mobility and healthcare, help solve.

The comprehensive power of IT is also, paradoxically enough the difficulty in positioning the sector. IT innovation and use of IT products is so naturally embedded in our society that we always expect it’s presence unconsciously.

DDD_naming sessie

Brand naming session

The question we face is to create an inspiring story with a clear vision, mission and message that can convey to the entire playing field. A story that contributes to creating a positive, attractive image of digitization in the Netherlands.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and ECP SILO developed an internationally appealing name and brand identity. A consultancy and implementation plan was drawn up and a concrete number of communication tools were developed and implemented.

ddd_logo_explained_08.jpg ddd_mainvisual_03.jpg

Dynamic visual language programmed with Processing

A key characteristic of innovation and technology is that it develops continuously, it’s always in motion. To make that aspect tangible SILO developed a dynamic identity. On a pixel grid the letter ‘d’ was developed and acts as a container. Fluid movement is added to the logo in digital environments such as websites, apps, banners and presentations. The result is an illustrative coherent system that is capable to change and adapt continuously. It symbolizes the diversity and versatility of IT.


Visual language layer system for cover images

5-ddd_posters.jpg 5-ddd_posters3.jpg

Dutch Digital Delta brochure covers


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