Vroaam! 2013

Career day for creative people

VROAAM! is the annual Dutch career day for creative people, organized by the Association of Dutch Designers Federation.


A career is sometimes a bumpy road. With sharp bends and steep slopes, new turns or dangerous intersections, braking and accelerating. Are you on the right road? Is something changing (urgent circumstances)? Or do you want to change something (intrinsic motivation) yourself?

During your career you constantly have to make decisions – whether you are employed or want work, or own a business or you want to start one for real. What choices do you have to make? What opportunities can you gain? What knowledge and skills do you need? Where do you start, and how?

For students, junior or senior creative people VROAAM! offers a boost for your creative career. The program includes creative coaching and open discussions by more than a hundred famous creative people, instant business advice and an extensive information market. The stage program includes workshops and presentations, packed with innovation and inspiration.


VROAAM! manifested itself in many ways during the pioneering years of its growth. With four editions behind it the event has grown into a fully packed day in which all creative people in the Netherlands – students, starters as well as seniors – can gain inspiration, can get their hands on the latest developments in their professional area and of course have the opportunity for networking.

In preparation for the fifth edition SILO was asked to develop a sustainable and consistent communication strategy: VROAAM! as a strong career brand for the creative industries.

SILO developed a visual identity, inspired by the roots of VROAAM! The idea for this annual career day was created during an afternoon of competitive kart racing with famous designers. The campaign for the fifth edition visualizes (secret) dreams and aspirations. What do you want to accomplish as a creative person? What makes you tick? Are you only in it for the money?

Campaign resources included posters, ads, programs, signage, animations and social media contents.


The 5th edition of VROAAM! took place on 20 March 2013. ‘Boost your creative career’, with training sessions, presentations, inspirational talks, meeting up with professional colleagues and plenty of useful advice. The event was sold out. Creative people from all disciplines were in dialogue with each other. Throughout the day, around 30 presentations on relevant topics were given by professionals from the creative and related industries. And more than 100 well-known creative people held coaching and open portfolio discussions in the field of illustration, graphic design, photography, art direction, animation, spatial-product and interaction design.

Bronze, European Design Awards 2014

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