Vroaam! 2014

Career day for creative people

VROAAM! is the annual national career day for designers, photographers and other creative people, organized by the Association of Dutch Designers and Photographers Federation.


For students, junior or more experienced creative people VROAAM! offers a boost for your creative career. The program includes creative coaching and open discussions by more than a hundred famous creative people, instant business advice and an extensive information market. The stage program includes workshops and presentations, packed with innovation and inspiration.


VROAAM! manifested itself in many ways during the pioneering years of its growth. With four editions behind it the event has grown into a fully packed day in which all creative people in the Netherlands – students, starters as well as seniors – can gain inspiration, can get their hands on the latest developments in their professional area and of course have the opportunity for networking.

In preparation for the fifth edition SILO was asked to develop a sustainable and consistent communication strategy: VROAAM! as a strong career brand for the creative industries.

The 6th edition of VROAAM! took place on 31 January 2014, now with the second campaign developed by SILO for VROAAM! ‘Innovate your creative career’ with training sessions, presentations, inspirational talks, meeting up with professional colleagues and plenty of useful advice!

SILO developed a campaign in which important questions or ideals from designers, photographers and other creative people were visualized. How can I design the path to my future? How can I capture people’s minds? How can I bring color to people’s lives?. The campaign images were implemented in association with photographer Anne Claire de Breij

Campaign resources included posters, ads, programs, signage, animations, website and social media.

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