Orange Olive

Catering for pure and honest food

Orange Olive Catering provides a pure dining experience where only pure and honest ingredients are being used. Each season has its own flavour, atmosphere and temperament.

Orange Olive was founded in 2010 by Djoeke Delnooz. With her flair for pure and honest products, her taste for fine cuisine and her background as a designer she has all the ingredients for organizing a special dining experience at special locations. Orange Olive chooses pure and honest ingredients: products of the highest quality, made with respect for people, animals and the environment.


A Dutch economy in recession, and a cyclically sensitive market. That was the economic environment for the start up of a new catering company. SILO was approached by the founder to develop a brand strategy, online strategy, name and identity.


In close collaboration with the founder a strategy was developed based on the values purity, authenticity and personality, to be used as the basis for further development of the name and identity. SILO developed the name Orange Olive, and a brand identity consisting of a quirky illustrated world inhabited by ‘fork fish’, ‘knife ducks’, ‘corkscrew woodpeckers’, ‘chandelier deers’ and more: The world of Orange Olive.


Within a year after launch Orange Olive grew into a successful company with a unique signature. The developed strategy, visual identity and website provide differentiation and brand preference. Meanwhile the semi-annual food event Pure Taste Diners has been developed. Guests are brought closer to the origin of flavourful ingredients with a special dining experience on site.

Awards: GOLD – European Design Awards

“For this unconventional catering service, SILO painted a picture where fish grow forks and olives are orange. Welcome to the wonderland of organic milk and fair-trade honey.”

Gestalten, Visual Identities for Restaurants, Food and Beverage.

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