Corporate website + shopping experience

Dataflex is a leading manufacturer and supplier of ergonomic workplace accessories, such as computer monitor arms. In 2015 we launched a completely renewed website with the aim of inspiring clients and help them to realize a comfortable and healthy work environment for everyone.

In 2015 SILO developed a new brand strategy and visual identity for DataflexAs part of the long-term realationship, SILO was asked to create the design and front-end code for the new Dataflex website

Online brand experience + b2b e-commerce functionality

The result is a website that connects the unique online brand experience, the product collections and a B2B shopping experience High resolution images and 3D models give a good impression of the different collections and possible applications. The unambiguous layout and smart navigation system supply users with a clear overview of all product groups, options and accessories. We have also introduced a new tool: the product finder, that lets you search the entire catalogue for the best fitting products for your situation.

dataflex website design configurator

3D configurator: design and order your personalized ergonomic monitor stand

We have introduced a 3D-configurator that let’s you configure your own ideal monitor arm, making use of the wide variety of possibilities and accessoires of Dataflex’s own Viewlite system. This self-created monitor arm can be ordered via the website or via one of the Dataflex premium dealers located around the world.

dataflex responsive website

Responsive grid – Optimal user experience across all devices

Optimal user experience

The complete Dataflex website is available in 5 different languages and is geo-targeted. The website recognizes the visitors location and prefered language and changes accordingly. It is also possible to change country and language manually (every country has an ‘English’ option). The complete website is responsive and optimized for all devices, regardless of the size of the screen. 

Dataflex responsive web tablet

Tips for an ergonomic work place for everyone

Apart from a rich product experience the website offers tips and tricks and valuable information about ergonomics and creating a healthy and inspiring work environment where you can truly feel at home. Sinds the launch in 2015 visitor numbers and conversion to sales have increasing consitsently. The website is constant developed and optimized further to ensure an optimal user experience.


  • Client
    Dataflex Internation
  • Year
    2015 - nu
  • Activities
    Online strategy
    UI design
    UX design
    Front-end development

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