eScience Center

Data driven research

Enhanced science (eScience) merges computer technology, modern communication channels, and science. The Dutch eScience Center reinforces and accelerates multidisciplinary and data-intensive research in the Netherlands by developing and applying eScience.


The Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and SURF, ICT partnership of higher education and research, created the Netherlands eScience Center in 2011. NWO and SURF jointly invest six million euro per year in the center, which will reinforce multidisciplinary and data-intensive research, aiming to stimulate the use of scientific ICT in research. The creation of the center is a key step towards fulfilling the government’s ambition to preserve the ICT leadership position of the Netherlands.


eScience also stands for the use of information technology in data-intensive scientific disciplines. For example, this includes advanced computer simulations and communication technologies allowing experts to exchange information with each other remotely. eScience is an open manner of doing science. The quality and speed of multidisciplinary research increases by combining and analyzing large quantities of data.

SILO has helped the new eScience Center establish itself firmly by developing and implementing a strong visual language. Databases are visualized and linked through the eScience logo, a metaphorical ‘connector’. This creates new vibrant data streams and bundles.


Following a successful launch, the eScience Center is now growing and developing fast. The first projects and the recruitment of eScience Engineers exceeded expectations. The first generation of eScience Center cooperation projects has been assessed, finding top scientific quality and sustainable technological progress. The first formal evaluation of the center itself will follow. This is a good opportunity to make sure the center remains up to date and ready for the future. SILO and the Dutch eScience Center continue their cooperation by developing online and offline communication tools.

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