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Overflow enables designers to beautifully and quickly show how users can navigate a website or app. Silo consulted Proto.io, the creator of Overflow, on the market introduction of the desktop application and developed a brand identity with a disarming charm.

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Telling a story with your designs

To develop a clear and intuitive user journey for a website, digital designers create flows charts and prototypes to tell a convincing story. But how can you present these dynamic flows to clients and partners in an engaging manner? Overflow turns designs into playable user flow diagrams that explain the customer journey while optimally showing off the design aesthetic.

Ease of use and fun

Overflow is a product of Proto.io, known for their browser-based tool for designers. As the company’s first desktop application, Overflow should be immediately recognizable between other applications. Moreover, the logo and brand identity should convey that Overflow is easy to use and fun.


Logo as a friend

The corporate identity for Overflow is built around an animated logo with a quirky character. Movement is a key element and supports the interaction and user experience. Different components can be used freely in illustrations, on social media, and for merchandise handed out at the many events attended by the Overflow team. The message is clear: Overflow improves the life of a digital designer!



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