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FuturumShop is the largest online store for cyclists, mountain bikers and other outdoor sports enthusiasts in the Netherlands. The company sells high-quality products and distinguishes itself by having extensive product knowledge and an outstanding customer service.

SILO worked together with FuturumShop to optimize the user experience for the webshop and other digital sales channels. The added value of personal advice is at the heart of this.

“FuturumShop chose SILO to work side by side in the design process. That’s how it really became a site of our own.”

– Enno van Kampen, FuturumShop

Driven by passion

FuturumShop was founded on a strong passion for cycling and therefore knows its customers – both recreational athletes and professional cyclists – very well. The company runs three Futurum Clubs: brick-and-mortar stores where you can go for personal advice, to pick up orders or to browse the latest collections. You can participate in workshops and cycling tours, or tinker with your own racing bike. FuturumShop also develops its own clothing line of high-end activewear: Futurum Quality Gear.


Always on the road, so mobile first

Outdoor athletes prefer to hit the road as often as possible, so the webshop must be fast and responsive. By taking the experience on mobile devices as a starting point, the design helps customers go through the selection and purchasing process in an efficient and targeted way. Whichever of the 17,500 products on sale is the right one.

Advisor rather than salesperson

The people that work at FuturumShop are themselves cycling fanatics. They have a lot of knowledge about which products are most suitable for which situation. This knowledge has been given a prominent place in the product pages’ design. Customer inquiries are answered personally, yet publicly and thus create a product-specific FAQ. The new website gives more room for blog articles in which various relevant themes, such as bicycle maintenance, are further explored.


Business as usual

In order to make the transition from the old to the new webshop as smooth as possible, we carefully looked at the structure of the various pages. In a hands-on session, we established the balance between simplicity of presentation and completeness of information. The output of the session formed the basis for the wireframes and, ultimately, the design.

Community input for further development

A group of regular customers from the FuturumShop community extensively tested the new site in a beta environment. The solicited and unsolicited feedback will be used to develop innovative extensions and improvements to the platform.



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