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William of Orange was ahead of his time. His ideas about the freedom of religion and political conviction were very progressive in the 16th century. These hard-won values are inextricably linked to the Dutch identity. How do you create awareness about William’s significance for the Netherlands of present-time?

The exhibition ‘Willem‘ in the National Military Museum in Soesterberg paints a unique picture of the life of the young William of Orange. Who was he, how did he live? Why is he regarded as the Father of the Nation? William himself, his wife Anna van Egmont and his sworn rival Philip II of Spain lead visitors through the exhibition made by Ars Longa.

Public discourse

SILO developed a publicity campaign that introduces the key players and establishes a link between history and current events. The subject of the exhibition does not lend itself to a static approach. By interweaving the visual culture of the 16th century with contemporary media culture, William is brought to life and becomes a – surprisingly relevant – part of the public discourse.


During the filming.

Provocative interviews

The basis of the campaign is a series of provocative interview excerpts in which William is questioned about his convictions and motives. Anna and Philip respond to this each in their own way. The intensive collaboration with Ars Longa and the participation of the same actors ensures that the exhibition and the communication are seamlessly connected. For the online and offline marketing material, the film images have been combined with the beautifully painted portraits of the three protagonists.

Willem Politiek

The contemporary styling, with subtle hints to the past, brings William, Anna and Philip to current times.

Strategic partnership

The campaign is part of the long-term strategic partnership between SILO and the Royal Foundation for Defense Museums. The Foundation is the umbrella organization of the four Dutch Defense museums: the National Military Museum in Soesterberg, the Navy Museum in Den Helder, the Marine Corps Museum in Rotterdam and the Marechaussee Museum in Buren.

Visitor journey

SILO supports the four museums by emphasizing the quality they deliver in all communications. The challenge is to link the stories about the history and the work of the armed forces with current social themes. By considering communication and marketing as an integral part of the programming, a coherent visitor journey is created. The goal is to increase brand awareness and attract more visitors.

Arrival King - Foto Anne Reitsma

The exhibition was opened on Tuesday 24 April 2018 by His Majesty King Willem Alexander. Photo: Anne Reitsma


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