High attention for a low involvement product

Dataflex is a leading manufacturer and supplier of ergonomic workplace accessories, such as computer monitor arms. The company specializes in various collections of monitor arm systems, for professional as well as home users all over the world.

The family business was recently acquired from father to sons, and developed rapidly from an importer and retailer to a design-driven manufacturer of independently developed sustainable products.

Dataflex consulted SILO to assist the company in the process of change, which showed that almost everything in the field of branding and communication needed to be revised.


A monitor arm is a low-involvement product. It helps you to work comfortably, but how to get attention for this functional and ergonomic product?

The starting point for the brand essence of Dataflex is a comfortable and healthy workplace for everyone. A workplace where you feel at home and can get the best out of yourself. Therefore maximum adjustability is essential.

SILO developed a visual language with a touch of modularity, flexibility and adjustability. The principle consists of a ‘connector’, with the x from the word Dataflex as joints, swivel and adjustable in any desired composition.

DFX_Corporate fotografie_2_LR Corporate photography

The corporate photography shows in a narrative way the diverse opportunities to work with Dataflex, in any position.

Product photography shows all product series in it’s context.

The communication means range from product brochures, instruction sheets, website with product configurator, packaging line, correspondence resources etc. The visual identity and communication style is fresh, cheerful and optimistic.

Communication collateral


The new brand strategy, visual identity, campaigns and complete communication means program launched DataFlex on the market as a reborn innovative brand. The family acquisition ignited a new direction, from retailer to sustainable design driven brand.

High ambitions and enthusiastic teamwork has led to a close cooperation with Dataflex with groundbreaking results in the industry of workplace accessories and monitor arms.


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    Dataflex International
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    Marleen Sleeuwits, Thijs Wolzak

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