Dutch Veterans’ Day

Honoring Dutch veterans

Dutch Veterans’ Day is the annual national event in recognition and appreciation of veterans. Commissioned by the Dutch Veterans’ Day Foundation, SILO consults on the creative strategy and creates the publicity campaign for the event.

Dutch Veterans’ Day is a solemn event that is celebrated in an airy and festive way. The goal is to tell the veterans’ stories and thus to increase the awareness and understanding of the Dutch public.

The 2018 campaign draws attention to family and friends that support veterans.

The message: I wear the white carnation

Partners, children, grandchildren, parents, colleagues, and friends: the support and comprehension they give make an indispensable contribution to the work and well-being of the veteran. To show their respect, the veterans’ family and friends wear the white carnation: the symbol of appreciation for all Dutch veterans.

SILO developed a new national icon for the symbol. The carnations are worn during Dutch Veterans’ Day in The Hague and other veteran activities in the country.

Witte Anjer

Pillars of support

The main characters of the 2018 campaign are pillars of support: Dianne, partner of Stefan, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder; Leo, the colleague of Afghanistan veteran Tienka; and Jelle, grandson of former marine Rene.

Veteranendag 2018 making off Veteranendag 2018 making off

The loving bond

Working with photographer Ivo van der Bent, the loving bond between Dianne and Stefan, Leo and Tienka, and Jelle and Rene has been portrayed in a moving way. The impressive stories of these veterans have been collected and can be read on the Veterans’ Day website.

Veteranendag 2018 posters Veteranendag 2018

About Dutch veterans

The Netherlands has over 115,000 military veterans: men and women of all ages who have served in a broad range of missions. They are former combatants from the World War II and the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army. But also personnel that has served in peacekeeping missions, such as Lebanon, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Mali, and Iraq.

What they have in common is that they were deployed under war conditions or similar situations on behalf of our democratically elected government. From that perspective, they deserve recognition and appreciation of the Dutch society and government.

Defile Veteranendag

During the Dutch Veterans’ Day, four thousand veterans and army personnel march in front of King Willem-Alexander. Photo: Verspers/Ilse de Wolf

Communication strategy since 2010

Since 2010, SILO has been working together with the Dutch Veterans’ Day Foundation. We advise on the communication strategy, develop the creative campaign concept, and translate this into all publicity materials. The objective is to raise awareness so that all Dutch people understand the purpose of Veterans’ Day, that we know what veterans have been through, and why a national holiday in honor of this group is more than justified.

Veteranendag evolution


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