HOOM brings sustainable living closer

Smarter and more efficient use of our energy is needed for a sustainable future. HOOM is a new initiative of the power company Alliander, helping people make their homes more energy-efficient.


Hoom is an initiative of the power company Alliander, in partnership with Vereniging Eigen Huis and Triodos Bank. Hoom is an independent non-profit company, actively seeking to establish connections with both local and central entities in order to make sustainable living possible.

To this end, Hoom is focusing on one specific group: the private home owner. Together with these, Hoom is building a nationwide network of people who use energy smartly. The goal of Hoom is to give every home owner the opportunity of living in a comfortable, energy-efficient, and (eventually) zero-energy house. You can even reduce the energy consumption of your home sufficiently for the savings to cover the necessary investment.


SILO has developed a brand positioning and strategy, turning them into an identity toolbox. Together with Hoom, we developed online tools that allow you, the home owner, to quickly calculate how much you can really save and what is the best way to go about it.

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