It starts with an idea

Ideas can change the world. But what is the power of a good idea? What criteria must it fulfill? And how can it spread across the world?


This book takes you to the world of ideas, the world of TED. The common thread throughout the book is the story that describes why ideas are important, how a good idea can change the world, what are the characteristics of a good idea, what kind of an ideas platform TED (and its motto: ideas worth spreading) is, how TEDxAmsterdam compares to it, complemented and peppered with numerous good ideas from TED talks (from the USA and the Netherlands).

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, and wishes to be a platform for innovative thinking on a variety of fields. What good ideas are and how they take shape was recorded in book format following the second edition of the TEDxAmsterdam conference.

The book’s sections look, among other things, at innate creativity, how you can be on your way to your own flow, the fact that a new idea never comes alone, empathic capacity, and how people inspire each other. The book includes many examples from the TEDx conferences in order to make the common thread easier to follow. Every section ends with a clear summary.


SILO designed the cover and the interior in an inspiring and exciting style. The cover represents a hand-illustrated ‘mindmap’ of titles. Every section is introduced by illustrations of key topics and concepts.

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