Largest music retailer in the Benelux

KEYMUSIC is the largest music retailer in the Benelux, with more than 180,000 customers in more than 50 countries. KEYMUSIC has 8 shops in Belgium and 4 in the Netherlands. A completely new e-commerce website was launched in early 2014.



KEYMUSIC is a family business established in 1969. The first shop to open was Rockpalace in The Hague. The company experienced great development and growth the past year, when it took over the popular Feedback shops in Eindhoven, Utrecht, and Rotterdam. This expansion created the need to follow up on the alignment of the physical stores by adapting the online customer experience.


The newly developed e-commerce website represents a focal point in the bricks and clicks strategy of KEYMUSIC, establishing a unique relationship between shops, service, and online customer experience. The site includes the entire functionality that you may expect as visitor from a modern e-commerce website. Visitors are able to place orders via a personal account, to save wish lists, to better search through categories, easily order and pay, etc.

But music and everything connected to it is more than merely good products and user-friendly methods.

Making music is a passion, and has to do with feeling! The products are also often unique. Two guitars from the exact same brand and type are not identical. Buying is a very personal choice. For this reason, the shopping experience often takes place both online and in the local shop. For example, customers go online to form an idea of what is available, after which they go try the product and then buy it in a local shop.


The optimal relationship between shop and website and perfect service from product specialists is essential at each stage of the buying process. SILO has developed a design where product information and stock can be checked in all locations, and personal contact is easily accessible at every step of the process.

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