Largest art-house cinema of the Netherlands


In early 2011, the new art-house VillaLUX opened. A beautiful new location of LUX, in comfort and style. VillaLUX has two cinemas. Besides an additional place for the art house film, VillaLUX is also the setting for film courses, small conferences and festivals. Further to this expansion SILO was asked to develop a plan for positioning the new Villalux.


SILO advised not only to focus on the specific positioning of Villalux but the entire brand strategy of Lux. For both LUX and VillaLUX a new appropriate visual identity system was launched at the opening of the new branch. Cinema is moving image. SILO took this as a starting point for the visual identity. The logo surrounds a transparent film screen that perfectly combines with beautiful film footage in visual communication.


Just after the 10-year anniversary of LUX, the new theater VillaLUX was opened. The new identity was unveiled during the retrospective with special guest actor Rutger Hauer.

Six months after launch, audience research has shown that all-over satisfaction of visitors has risen from 94% to 96%. The number of visitors increased from 135,000 in 2007 to 218,000 in 2011. Regarding the brand image LUX scored significantly better: The audience experiences the new LUX as a beautiful contemporary setting, innovative programming and qualitative metropolitan look.

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