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Centralpoint.nl was established in 2001. Since then, it has grown into one of Netherlands’s key business ICT suppliers. The mission of Centralpoint is to accommodate all possible ICT needs. This means that you can order any product from them. And we really mean any.


Since 2007, SILO has been in charge of the web design, interaction design, and client-sided technology. The website was completely redesigned in 2011. A logical step in the long tail strategy of Centralpoint.nl, focusing on rapid retrieval and optimal user experience for both consumers and business users. Due to the proliferation of cellphone and tablet use, there was a need for redesigning the website, making it fully responsive and functional across the different platforms.


Since its creation 12 years ago, Centralpoint.nl has been continuously using the latest technology currently available. Once again, the ICT supplier is leading the way by adapting its website to the rapidly changing user. Since 2007, SILO has been working with Centralpoint on the continuous improvement and optimization of the website. SILO provides advice concerning user interaction, design, and front end technology. The website has been redesigned completely in 2015. It is now fully responsive and functions optimally on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Later in the year centralpoint.be went live.

Director Brian Speelman: “When analyzing the Google Analytics data, we noticed early this year that the use of mobile devices, and in particular the tablet, had increased sharply on the B2B market where Centralpoint.nl operates. Given that we aim to always provide all our visitors with an optimal user experience, we developed this new website together with SILO. Now the business owner who wants to place an order in the evening, from his tablet, sitting on his couch, can also enjoy 100% of the ‘Centralpoint feeling’. And that’s something we’re proud of.”


The new website is using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technology. This change allows pages to load faster, but also makes sure that the website is optimally readable on smartphones, and that the entire design of the website adapts to the width of a tablet. The checkout procedure on cellphone and tablet is now just as simple as on the desktop thanks to the use of larger buttons and touch support. It is now easy to quickly swipe through the range of products and images on the tablet or cellphone. Moreover, the content of the shopping cart is transmitted across the different devices, which provides the ultimate shopping experience.

For Centralpoint.nl, this by now already sixth new website since its creation in 2001 is a logical step in its leading long tail strategy. Commercial director Marcel Joosten: “The Centralpoint.nl website experienced its sixth metamorphosis since its launch in 2002. The company turnover increased from 1 million during that first year to a forecast of 75 million this year. In 2012 it was 60 million. The continuous improvement of the design and optimization of the online user experience plays a crucial role in this regard.”

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